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My grandmother's iPad


Shawn Blanc wrote about how his grandfather's iPad has enabled him to take more photos, just a few days after my dad told me how much my grandmother in Bolivia uses her iPad. My grandma, who is now 80, does yoga regularly and volunteers constantly. She uses her iPad for web surfing, email, Skype and FaceTime. She's always been into technology when it enables her to communicate and reach out, and I recall her using an elaborate HAM radio setup when I was young. They even had a rather large antenna tower at their house near Cochabamba.

As Apple's "Your Verse" campaign continues, I think it's wonderful to hear more about everyday people whose lives have been enhanced by the simplicity and power of the iPad. Computers were the first wave, but the next seems to be making things simpler, and even more powerful. While my grandmother isn't afraid of technology (she was using Skype on a computer before the iPad existed), the portability of the iPad actually helps her be more active and engaged. It's a beautiful thing.

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Grandma's iPad

[Photos courtesy my awesome uncle and terrific photographer, Joaquin F. Duran]

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