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NYC restaurant inspectors could soon wear video cameras

Sarah Silbert

Wearable cameras could soon see a more practical application than thrill-capturing GoPros. A new bill introduced by Republican Minority Leader Vincent Ignizio would bring wearable cameras to NYC restaurant inspectors. With more than 20 co-sponsors already on board, the legislation outlines plans to launch a year-long pilot program that would use cameras (attached to the body or clothing) to document sanitary inspections across the city's five boroughs -- with the intention of collecting evidence in cases where business owners claim inspections are unfair.

Not every joint from Manhattan to Queens will see a Google Glass-equipped city employee strolling through the door; the pilot would only equip about 10 percent of inspectors with wearable tech. And Glass may not be the wearable of choice, either -- Ignizio said the pilot will cost $15,000 tops, with cameras priced at "several hundred dollars each." Then again, a government contract would be plenty profitable for the folks at Mountain View. It wouldn't hurt to promote the more practical applications of the company's $1,500 wearable, either.

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