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Strike Vector half-off now, new co-op mode scheduled for next month


Aerial arena shooter Strike Vector, which launched earlier this year, intends to continue adding more free content into the foreseeable future. "Each month we are making new maps, new modes ... for free. We decided to make all our DLC for free," Ragequit Corporation co-founder Jeremy Chaïeb told us today at PAX East.

The team is showing off the game's new map today at PAX East, but the next mode scheduled for the game is a co-op experience with teams of six against AI. This is a significant expansion from the current game, which currently focuses on player-vs-player deathmatch modes. To ease new players into checking out the game, Strike Vector is currently discounted on Steam for the next week at 50 percent off for $12.49. If you're attending PAX East, the game can be found in the Indie Megabooth.
[Image: Ragequit Corporation]

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