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The Queue: Torvosaurus, the offical dinosaur of Warlords of Draenor

Matthew Rossi
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

It's been a hideous month for me so far. So much bad crap happened, you don't know. Anyway, to take my mind off of all of that, I tanked heroic Siege of Orgrimmar last night up to Malkorok, and then sat down to find a perfect subject for today's Queue header. Something that would scream "Rossi wrote today's Queue". Something perfect. And I found it in Torvosaurus.

Why is Torvosaurus the perfect dinosaur to be in today's Queue? Why did I so boldly declare Torvosaurus to be the official dinosaur of Warlords of Draenor? Because, my friends, the name Torvosaurus means 'Savage Lizard' and that's all we need. Sure, he was an impressive ten meter long carnivore, a megalosaurid, among the largest predatory dinosaurs ever found in Europe, and that's all great. But really, he had me at savage lizard. I demand that Torvosaurus get brought into World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and I demand that it happen as soon as possible, because a savage expansion without this savage lizard simply isn't savage enough.

I know that's not a particularly savage picture of Torvosaurus, above. Hey, it's still a ten meter long carnivore with teeth like steak knives. Even if it is snuggling with its babies.

Benjamin Seeburger asks:

What do you think is the chance Blizzard will release a fourth spec (like for druids) for every class in the game (eventually)? If you could have a fourth spec for your class, what would it be and why?

I'd pick a hunter melee spec, that had all of my basic ranged attacks replaced by melee attacks that do roughly the same damage with the same focus usage (except being melee), but with an upped percentage to my armor.

What about you?

I think the chances are very, very slim. Druids got the fourth spec because, essentially, they'd always had it - feral was a confusing hodgepodge talent tree before Cataclysm, and it just made sense in Mists to break it apart into Feral and Guardian. So no, I don't expect it to happen.

However, I do love speculating. So if warriors got a fourth spec and I was the one in charge of it, I would basically break Fury up into two specs, one a fast spec that uses two 1h weapons and another being a spec using two 2h weapons. They would get different mechanics, the 1h spec (I'd call them Berserkers) being all about weapon speed and fast, rapid attacks of attrition while the 2h spec (Destroyers) would be about crushing through enemy defenses and bringing raw power to bear.

Either that, or I'd finally make that warrior healing spec where you yell at people until they stop being dead.

SintraEdrien asks:

Q4tq: with rogues losing Disarm Trap, what about the Suppression Room in BWL? (and to a lesser extent, ICC)

One presumes, and dearly wishes, that you will suffer through each interminable inch of that hideous, hideous room just like the rest of us have to while soloing it, and that it actually take you twice as long because you forget and try and disable the traps a few times.

I realize it's not your personal fault that your class was the only one that could disable those traps. But I still can't help feeling in my withered dark soul a moment of schadenfreude at the prospect of rogues suddenly forced to deal with that room.

bcf_80 asks:

Do you think we will see more use of the Caverns of Time? They seemed to get the most love during earlier expacs, but haven't seen much love in some time. I'd like to see some more dungeons and raids dealing with Azeroth's history. Maybe we could help take down Sargeras?

Well, we may or may not see it in Warlords at some point (although it may just confuse people) but sooner or later I expect to see it. There's at least one item with a Timewalker's logo in the datamined models, so it's possible we'll be encountering them at some point. As for what we'll be doing with them, if we'll go to any moments in Azeroth's past or not, I'd say give it time.

Sorry, I know that pun was terrible. Seriously, though, I do expect we'll see the Caverns of Time again at some point. They're too useful a resource for Blizzard to ignore them.

A whole lot of talk about mages and warlocks and other unimportant classes that aren't warriors

Like, dozens upon dozens of comments. Not questions or anything. Just a lot of back and forth about these strange classes that wear cloth armor and think that anyone but them can tell the difference between them. I'll make it really simple. Neither warlocks nor mages are warriors. Therefore, I don't care.

Cjrth asks:

Q4TQ: What events in Azeroth history do you think are worth building a tier/patch around? I'd love to spend a patch during the War of the Three Hammers, trying to stop the Infinite Dragonflight (or whomever) from changing its outcome and/or preventing Ragnaros from being summoned.

There are a lot of them. Not all of the ones I'd like to see took place on Azeroth, either.
  1. The Draenei exodus from Argus. I'd love to see a raid where we have to go get Velen and the Ata'mal Crystal out of danger from Archimonde and Kil'jaeden loyalists and help the exiles make their way to the naaru pickup. You'd be fighting those eredar that had already taken Sargeras' offer, maybe even a few uncorrupted eredar who don't realize they're being used, and perhaps a few direct servants of Sargeras. The last fight is a gauntlet of eredar swarming the mountain where Velen and the future draenei are waiting to be evacuated.
  2. The Troll Wars. Were the high elves and their human allies really the aggressors the trolls paint them as? Or did the trolls earn their fate by constantly attacking all non-trolls in the region? Or is the truth somewhere in between?
  3. The rebellion against the mogu. How did the pandaren manage to unite a continent of the enslaved against the slavers? How did they defeat armed and magically powerful titan constructs without weapons? It would be cool to see the first monks in action.
  4. The Tauren creation myth. How did the tauren come to be? What was the darkness that whispered to them from deep within the earth? Was it the Old Gods? I'm curious - are the tauren another Titan construct race like the Vrykul or Tol'vir (there are glowing statues of a tauren within the Halls of Stone and Lightning) or are they truly native to Azeroth, from before the coming of either Titan or Old God?
I could literally go on about this all day. Seriously, I'd love to see whole patches, maybe even whole expansions exploring the past.

sergel92 says:

I'm patiently waiting to see updated male Draenei models. It might determine if I want to start playing my shaman again or something else.

I feel like they are saving the human males for last though.

God, the human male model. I imagine they first had to seal up the eldritch horror of the current human male model in an inescapable tomb and then divert a major river over it.

I escaped that nightmare as soon as race change became available. Let us never speak of it again.

Draenei males are gonna rock. I'm so excited for them.

AubreyE asks:

QftQ: Am I wrong to be bothered that Boars and Wolves are indigenous to Azeroth and not Draenor? Yet here we are, with savage wolves and boars being featured in WoD. Don't get me started with the Frostwolf clan. Because if you're going to include the Frostwolf Clan in the Draenor of the past then you may as well throw in the Dragonmaw clan.

The Frostwolf clan existed in Rise of the Horde, as did wolf riding orc warriors. (Sometimes refered to as the Sythegore Arm). There is even a quest in The Burning Crusade where an orc shaman sends you to reconnect with the wolf spirits as the orc ancestors once did before the coming of the warlocks. There is no reason to assume there were no wolves on Draenor - it's specifically stated several times that there were. The Frostwolves are one of the original orcish tribes of Draenor. As for boars, considering there were felboars in Hellfire, I have no problem believing that boars are also native to Draenor. There's plenty of reason to think that both animals were native to the place.

This tweet from Sean Copeland (@loreology), the official Blizzard historian, talks about why the Dragonmaw are named that. Basically, there were apparently legends and myths about some sort of dragon like creature, even though there are no dragons native to Draenor... that we know of.

That's the Queue for this week. Say, a dragon could be called a savage lizard, couldn't it?

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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