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Today in the App Store -- the best free apps, new apps and app updates


Here are some of the best free apps, app updates and new apps that have landed in the App Store recently. All app prices are USD and subject to change. Some deals may expire quickly, so grab them while you can.

Apps Now Free

Pepi Bath [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $1.99] PEPI BATH is a role-play game where children learn about hygiene in a fun way.

Private Calculator [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $1.99] Private Calculator can hide your photos/videos/documents/notes/contacts behind a calculator.

Chemist - Virtual Chem Lab [iPad; Now free, down from $4.99] Chemist is your portable chemistry lab.

Quest Runner [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $1.99] Take a journey to the Mobile Town of Torma. Join the Quest Runners Guild and help defend the town from monsters and assist villagers with unique tasks.

Peekaboo Universe [iPad; Now free, down from $1.99] Peekaboo! Guess Who? Play in our new hide-and-seek game in the real Universe!

New and Notable Apps

Burds [iOS Universal; Free] Burds is a puzzle game about matching and clearing colourful birds.

BREAKFINITY [iOS Universal; Free] An all new brick smashing game with some crazy twists.

Trials Frontier [iOS Universal; Free] Race your motorcycle through a world of adventure, crazy characters, and unfairly addictive tracks!

Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 [iOS Universal; $2.99] Create and share the amusement park of your dreams and construct incredible roller coasters and rides to keep your visitors happy.

Shatter Alley [iOS Universal; $2.99] Shatter Alley a music-driven reimagination of the brick breaker genre for touchscreen devices where your fingertips are the paddles.

Updates you don't want to miss

Morning [iOS Universal; $3.99] Morning is designed to make your routine easier than ever before. Version 1.5 brings the following changes:

  • Morning is now available for iPhone and iPod touch!
  • Better location search in Commute settings
  • Fixes bug where Reminders would display lists unintentionally
  • Fixes a crash when adding a date in Countdown
  • Updated text layout in News panel
  • Improved French translations
  • Improved RSS handling
  • Updated Controls

Refresh - Get Insight on People You Meet [iPhone; free] Refresh is a free app that prepares you for every conversation in every meeting. Version 1.6 brings the following changes:

  • Search for insight on over 40 million people!
  • Make introductions in two taps and save time by letting Refresh automatically include the relevant context
  • Send your contact information to anyone in one tap
  • Now you can get started by connecting Facebook, LinkedIn, or even email
  • All-new iOS7 redesign!

SideSwype [iOS Universal; $1.99] SideSwype is an elegant and unique combination of 4-way block sliding and match-3 gameplay wrapped in a stunning audio-visual package. Version 1.0.1 brings the following changes:

  • Fixed leaderboards
  • Fixed last button in more games list doing nothing
  • Fixed 4's/5's appearing too soon after starting a 2nd/3rd/etc game

Thunderspace HD [iOS Universal; $1.99] Thunderstorms recorded in 3D for headphones - lightning flashes. Version 3.0 brings the following changes:

  • Thunderspace is now a universal app.
  • Non-purchased storms appear grayscale so its easier to see which ones you've purchased.
  • It's now official: Rumble Bundle includes any future thunderstorms :)
  • Intro simplified.
  • Annoying "Rate" prompt removed :)
  • Rate and gift buttons enhanced.
  • File size slightly reduced.

Twitterrific 5 for Twitter [iOS Universal; Free] Twitterrific is the award-winning, elegant Twitter client that's easy to understand and a delight to use. Version 5.7.1 brings the following changes:

  • Removed queueing of tweets to prevent accidental duplicate posts
  • Double-tapping in the photo viewer now properly zooms in on the image
  • Added new safeguards to prevent web ads from automatically opening Safari
  • Improved formatting of links set from twitterrific via email
  • Older twitter status links now open in the app
  • New tweet counter desaturates properly when behind popup views
  • Favoriting tweets from blocked accounts no longer results in a queue loop
  • RTs no longer display as "RT'd by and you"
  • Various crash fixes

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