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A Very Special Episode of the Engadget Podcast is live at 4PM ET!


Nerds cannot live on tech news alone. That's why, every so often, we'll be hosting a Very Special Episode of the Engadget Podcast where we touch upon the cultural and social impacts of the technology that matters most to you. Sometimes, that means we'll even be talking about booze. We are all onions, after all...

It's Friday and that means it's podcast time! But this week we've got an extra special treat for you. Mikael Mossberg and Stephanie Moreno from Distiller are in the studio and we're going to be talking about their app, craft whiskey and learning how to develop a palette for fine spirits. The whole thing is going to culminate with a tasting of three liquors: Hudson Single Malt, from its name sake river valley; Springbank 10, a lightly peated Scotch from the Kintyre peninsula; and Colonel E.H. Taylor Straight Rye, a spicy beast bottled in bond from Kentucky.

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