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Sid Meier's latest Civilization game reaches for the stars


If you were worried that legendary game developer Sid Meier wouldn't get his chance to make a new Alpha Centauri, it's time to put those fears to bed. Civilization: Beyond Earth is coming this fall, and, as the name suggests, it takes the venerable PC strategy series to the stars. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun tells it, publisher Electronic Arts still holds the rights to the Alpha Centauri name (which was a Civ spin-off to start), so this is developer Firaxis' effort at a sequel, sans the actual title. The trailer below doesn't show any game-play, but it paints a simultaneously somber and epic picture of just why humanity has to leave Earth. Joystiq and PC Gamer have meaty features and interviews with info from the dev team, so if you're jonesing for more details on the game's randomly-generated alien planets, be sure to check 'em out.

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