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Super TIME Force arriving 'late May, early June'

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Capybara Games co-founder and president Nathan Vella tells Joystiq that its next game, Super TIME Force, should be available in either late May or early June for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

"It's in QA, going into cert soon," Vella told Joystiq when we asked about the oft-delayed game's release. "It's out of our hands until Microsoft certification is done with it, but it's not the hardest game to certify because it doesn't have any multiplayer and it only has a single leaderboard."

Vella tells Joystiq that the game's numerous delays were to enhance the game's original design, turning a good idea into a great game.

"I hate the idea of gamers wasting their time on a game. Buying something because they believed it was one thing and having it turn out to be something else, and with Super TIME Force that could have happened in a weird way. It was always cool, the original game jam game was cool, but what we've turned it into is what I think people expected when they saw the very first trailer."
[Image: Capybara Games]

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