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Zynga appoints former Best Buy strategist as CFO

Social-turning-mobile game studio Zynga has brought on David Lee, Best Buy's former senior vice president of enterprise finance, to serve as its Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer. Lee will work with Mark Vranesh, Zynga's existing CFO and CAO, over the next month to help the transition go smoothly.

In a comment on Lee's move, Zynga CEO Don Mattrick said that "David has a deep understanding of business management and a sharp financial acumen that will be invaluable to Zynga's long term growth and success."

Lee will report directly to Mattrick, who left his role as Microsoft's interactive entertainment business president in July 2013. Mattrick's shift was followed by the departure of several Zynga executives, as well as studio co-founder Justin Waldron. With last year's closure of OMGPOP and several Zynga studios, Lee's talents certainly seem needed at the troubled development house.
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