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Stick out your arms and fly in pretend dogfighter Cult of the Wind


Sometimes you see a game and you immediately wonder why no-one had come up with it sooner. Cult of the Wind from Alex Allen's North of Earth is one of those games. Simply put in the words of the developer, it's "a game about people who pretend to be airplanes."

If you've never turned your arms into wings and pew-pew-pewed your friends in an epic dogfight, chances are you were doing childhood/adulthood wrong. That's the spirit that Cult of the Wind wants its players to channel, complete with "imaginary weapons, pretend explosions, and airplane noises made with their mouths."

North of Earth has some experience with completely bonkers multiplayer games, having already brought Godzilla-style deathmatches to Steam in Omegalodon. For Cult of the Wind, the studio promises a level editor, character customization and plenty of different weapons and abilities, albeit make-believe ones.

Cult of the Wind is currently on Steam Greenlight, and North of Earth expects to deliver it on PC and Mac in "mid-2014." Responding to queries, the studio said it's planning on an "early access beta," and when the game does take to the skies North of Earth estimates a regular price of $15, reduced to $10 on launch day.
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