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Tesla Model S gets not-quite-official makeover as a convertible


Let's say you love everything about the Tesla Model S except its static roof. Well, Newport Convertible Engineering wants to help fix that. The aftermarket company has announced that it's received an order for 100 of its new droptop conversions from a Chinese investor, and tells Autoblog that it's reached out to Tesla to put an additional 5,000 units into production to help meet expected demand. The conversion kit isn't cheap, however. A soft-top convertible will run you $29,000 and, if you'd prefer a rigid version, that'll be $49,000. You still have to supply your own Model S, too. But hey, $100,000 (or more) is a small price to pay for having the possibly greenest -- and safest -- rag-top on the road, right?

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