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Today in the App Store -- the best free apps, new apps and app updates


Here are some of the best free apps, app updates and new apps that have landed in the App Store recently. All app prices are USD and subject to change. Some deals may expire quickly, so grab them while you can.

Apps Now Free

Geared for iPad [iPad; Now free, down from $0.99] "Power the blue gears." The goal is deceptively simple as you will soon find out. Each level adds more complexity than the last.

BlendPic HD [iPad; Now free, down from $2.99] BlendPic HD enables users to crop and edit different photos into one picture.

Horn™ [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $6.99] HORN is a 3rd person action adventure game - a completely unique experience where anyone can fully explore and enjoy a beautiful and engaging console-style world, all controllable by touch gestures.

Toad Rider [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $0.99] Toad Rider is a super intense and challenging game for people with split-second reflexes, machine-like focus, and nerves made of steel.

IQ Mission 2 [iOS Universal; Now free, down from $0.99] Have you been waiting for our next assignment? Are you ready for "IQ Mission 2"? Visit three cities and solve the puzzles you encounter there.

Days+ - The Most Beautiful Day Counter [iPhone; Now free, down from $1.99] Days+ provides a simple and elegant way to manage your events.

RealmConquest [iPhone; Now free, down from $0.99] Realm Conquest is an epic combat strategy game.

RealmConquest HD [iPad; Now free, down from $0.99] Realm Conquest is an epic combat strategy game.

The Magic Castle - Mystery Adventure [iPhone; Now free, down from $0.99] Journey to a forgotten land full of mystery - and help the spirit of a once great sorcerer return magic to the kingdom!

The Magic Castle HD [iPad; Now free, down from $0.99] Journey to a forgotten land full of mystery - and help the spirit of a once great sorcerer return magic to the kingdom!

New and Notable Apps

Pinnacle Studio for iPhone [iPhone; $9.99] For people who want to have true, creative movie-making power on their iPhone!

Yahoo Live Web Insights [iPhone; Free] Yahoo Live Web Insights unleashes your business so you can see what's happening on your online store or site anytime, anywhere.

Jungle Doctor X: Wild Animal Adventure [iOS Universal; Free] Get ready for your first safari adventure! Grab your map and binoculars and let's get going!

WakeApp Weather Lite [iPhone; Free] WakeApp Weather is an intelligent alarm clock that permits you to set up alarms according to the ideal climate for your outdoor activity.

Collections Express [OS X; Free] Collections Express is an inventory application for organize and share virtually everything you own.

Updates you don't want to miss

WeatherBug - Weather Forecasts & Alerts [iOS Universal; Free] Access the world's largest network of weather and lightning sensors for the most accurate forecasts, real-time lightning detection, the fastest alerts and more. Version 3.6 brings the following changes:

  • Ad-Free annual subscription option
  • Helpful Know Before™ messages
  • Live traffic cams

My Singing Monsters [iOS Universal; Free] Welcome to My Singing Monsters! Collect, breed, and listen to your monsters sing. You have never seen a game like this before! Version 1.2.6 brings the following changes:

  • Import your Facebook friends to update your My Singing Monsters avatar!
  • Sort your Friends using new tabs – Favorites, Torch requests, Alphabetical order, and Level order.
  • Mark your closest Friends as Favorites so that they appear in the Favorites tab!
  • View which friends have requested Torch lighting using the Torch tab!
  • Tap a Friend's Display Name to see how many times they have lit your Wishing Torches and vice versa!
  • Navigate easily between Friend pages using the arrow buttons, including moving to the beginning and end of the list!
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

AVPlayer [iPhone; $2.99] The AVPlayer can play almost any computer video file format such as AVI, Xvid, WMV and much more clearly and effortlessly. Version 2.4.0 brings the following changes:

  • Supported streaming playback and downloading file from GoogleDrive and Dropbox.
  • Supported URL streaming playback and downloading.

Organize:Pro Task Manager [iPhone; Free] Your professional task manager for business needs - if you need to handle more than just a simple list! Version 1.9.0 brings the following changes:

  • Support for Taskfabric CLOUD2 with auto-sync
  • UI improvements
  • Stability and speed improvements

VideoFX Live [iOS Universal; Free] VideoFX Live is the BEST video app for all types of videos, including vlogs, stop motion videos, birthday videos, and BFF "tags" – any time you want to make and share something really cool! Version 3.2.0 brings the following changes:

  • Two outrageous FREE color effects! Twisted BG and Freaky BG blend your video in crazy ways with the background effect.
  • Vintage Movies Power Pack gives you looks from the golden era of silent movies!
  • Video Importing has been improved to support panning, scaling, and rotating.

BUNT: The MLB Digital Baseball Trading Card Game [iOS Universal; Free] Topps BUNT is the only real-time, real-world MLB digital trading card game where the cards you own and collect earn points based on how your players perform on the field each day. Version 4.0.2 brings the following changes:

  • This release repairs issues that were introduced in 4.1. Fans should see speed improvements and play improvements. -Other small fixes.

Unibox [OS X; $17.99] Unibox is an email client that groups your messages by person. This way your emails are organized automatically and you always find what you are looking for. Version 1.1 brings the following changes:

  • Starring of messages
  • Filter messages (unread, starred and more)
  • Drafts automatically saved to local disk
  • Possibility to exclude IMAP folders from sync
  • Domain avatars (company logos)
  • Customizable notification sounds
  • Translations for additional languages
  • IMAP compatibility improvements
  • Performance improvements and bugfixes

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