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Google's digital art prize winner is a poem you control with your body


Google asked artists to prove that code could be beautiful with its DevArt competition, and hundreds delivered on that promise. However, there can only be one winner: The Metamorphosis of Mr. Kalia, a visual poem from Cyril Diagne and Béatrice Lartigue. The project lets you use your body movement to control Mr. Kalia as he undergoes strange, symbolic transformations throughout his life. Metamorphosis is using little more than a standard Kinect sensor to track your motion and send it to a Chrome browser, so it's easy to both play with and set up -- it even works over a basic internet connection.

The win gives the creators both £25,000 ($42,000) as well as an exhibition at London's Barbican, where it will sit alongside commissioned digital artwork starting on July 3rd. It's doubtful that you'll have an opportunity to see this in person, but the good news is that you can try it yourself. In addition to the video you see here, you'll find both the code and guidelines below -- it's possible to produce your own masterpiece at home.

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