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I haven't touched my boosted character


I went and pre-ordered Warlords of Draenor along with everyone else a couple months ago (well, most everyone else, it seems like). I'd been thinking about which character I wanted to boost up to 90 and get maxed professions with for a while, and after a fair amount of time I took the jump and maxed out my rogue.

After the boost I played around on it a little bit. Did some timeless isle, ran some troll raids, and that was that. She just sits there now, not moving, not doing anything in particular. I've parked her next to a pet trainer. Occasionally I'll log on to her and battle the trainer whenever I remember to -- so that's a nice thing, I guess.

But you know what? For me the character became pointless, just a thing sitting there that doesn't get any attention or play time. I might as well have left her at 61, forever toiling around Mount Hyjal

I'm sure that I'm not alone here -- and I'm also sure that there are people who are playing their boosted character every day. But one thing with the boost has struck me: I'm not at all attached to her as I am with every single other alt. There is no "Oh I remember when I narrowly avoided death out in the Jade Forest! I was a good Rogue for a few minutes, showed some potential!" -- none of the buy in with the character is there for me.

My lack of attention to this character is making me wonder if all the fuss about boosted toons destroying the game was worth it. All along I thought that there was a lot more overreaction to the idea than was warranted, but now... is there any reaction at all, even? Sure there's the occasional character that is clearly boosted and has no idea what they're doing, but I'm not seeing the game fundamentally harmed by the mad rush of instant 90s. In fact when looking around at people's gear on my popular server the other day, it was challenging even to find one boosted 90 in the massive crowd.

Granted this isn't the best evidence, but it has got me thinking -- did everyone get upset over nothing?

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