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Several BBC iOS apps acting up, more news for April 17, 2014


There are a couple of nice app updates this morning, plus an automation solution with what will likely be a short-lived name.

  • Several users have noted that the BBC's iPlayer app, Sky Go and Now TV for iOS have stopped streaming video. The BBC is aware of the problem and, while still unaware of what's causing the issue, is working to find and fix it. So hold tight, folks!
  • Twitterrific has been updated to version 5.7.2 which adds a new "edit tweet" feature. It lets you delete a tweet, and then it opens up an edit screen. Also, make sure to shake your phone while Twiterrific 5.7.2 is on the theme panel.
  • A few University of Pennsylvania students have come up with a way to push Siri commands through a proxy, opening up a whole host of real-world actions for it to take. The service, which they're calling GoogolPlex (good luck keeping that name) is interesting, but I'm not convinced it's quicker than just turning on the lights yourself.
  • Pixelmator has posted a teaser video promoting its upcoming release, codemaned "Sandstone." It features a very impressive Repair Tool. Watch a video demo here. Goodbye, mom and dad!

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