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Google apes Warby Parker, lets you try on Glass before you buy


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Tempted by Google's Glass headset, but worried it'll make you look like a doofus? It's a legitimate concern, but there's hope: Google is now sending out non-functional dummy units that you can try on at home. Potential Explorers were sent an email advertising a "home try-on kit" with four Google Glass frame styles in four colors - all titanium, of course. After trying on the frames and picking a favorite, participants send the units back with pre-paid labels. Easy. The trial program isn't listed on the official Glass website yet, but anyone can sign up by calling 855-9Glass9. The cost of pretending you have Mountain View's most exclusive accessory? Absolutely free, though Google will put a $50 hold on your credit card until you return the headgear. Just because it doesn't work doesn't mean the company doesn't want it back.

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