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Analysts chime in on Apple's Q2 2014 iPhone sales figures


With Apple's earnings report slated for next Wednesday, all eyes will be focused on how many iPhones the company sold during the quarter gone by. As the prime source of Apple's quarterly revenue and profits, iPhone sales are often looked at as a barometer for the company's financial health.

That said, the consensus from analysts is that iPhone sales during the second fiscal quarter of 2014 will check in at 38.19 million units.

Adding some visual clarity to Apple's upcoming earnings date, Philip Elmer-DeWitt over at Fortune compiled a handy list breaking down all of the iPhone sales projections from a wide sampling of analysts. As is typically the case, the range varies wildly, with 34.05 million units being the lowball estimate and 42.5 million unit sales coming in at the high end.

iphone q2 sales projections

Notably, even if Apple hits the 42.5 million mark, that would only represent a 13.6 percent increase year over year. While that's certainly impressive given the volume of iPhone sales Apple is dealing with, that may not sit so well with analysts who seemingly expect 20 percent growth every quarter without aberration.

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