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Treasures of Montezuma: Arena to match up PS Vitas in Europe

Match-three puzzlers are a comfort food of sorts - the rules change a bit with each game, sure, but the core concept is the same: match up colors and shapes for glory. You can use that mindset to approach Montezuma: Arena, a downloadable title announced for the Vita in Europe, but its RPG Story mode involves a more tactical strategy to reclaim your homeland. And really, anything that asks us to battle trident-wielding lizards has our attention.

The story follows Aztec emperor Montezuma's retreat to an otherwordly dimension due to the arrival of Spanish conquistadors. And seriously, when you choose to fight a realm of beasts like "Salamander XVI" in a game of wits instead of facing the conquistadors, you know they're a bunch of jerks. Montezuma's trip is temporary though, and each victory restores power that he'll eventually use to return home.

Aside from the story mode, there are tournament options for competitive multiplayer matches as well as an unlockable Endless mode. Bonuses and items can be purchased with Crystals, a currency that Montezuma: Arena awards for each battle, although there's also a store to buy Crystal with cash. Uh ... the legal kind of crystal, of course.
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