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Monster Hunter 4G trailer plays in the sand


It'll be a long while before the next Monster Hunter game arrives in the West, so fans have plenty of time to gaze longingly at new trailers for upcoming games Capcom dishes out for Japan players. In this case, a new Monster Hunter 4G trailer emerged this week, putting the game's many beasts on display primarily in sandy locales.

Monster Hunter 4G was announced in January for Japan and is only listed as a 3DS release. The game will offer players the ability to transfer their save files from the previous game, Monster Hunter 4, for use in 4G. Capcom reported in February that Monster Hunter 4 sold four million copies since it launched in September.

North American players will have to wait until early 2015 for their shot at the game's new monsters; that's when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is slated to launch in the West. Meanwhile, Capcom is hosting a design contest to challange fans to craft their own weapons for the game and is accepting submissions until May 5.
[Image: Capcom]

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