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Breakfast Topic: What's the nicest thing you've done in WoW?


Yesterday's Breakfast Topic was about those awful awkward moments we all have when we do something incredibly stupid. For me, it came when I was in Vent. Go read about it if you must ... I'm still cringing over it.

Today though, let's focus on the nice things we've done.

There's a lot of times where I've ran stuff for people, even though I'm tired and just want to go to bed. There's been times when I've given away stuff for the heck of it (because the items are just pixels on the screen, but the people behind them are real). But there's one time that stands out for me.

There was this old gentleman (and he was a gentleman) in the first guild I joined in WoW -- Defenders of the Pass. His name was Keeria, played a Gnome mage, and was always pretty fun to be around. He wasn't the best player, he tended to die on fights and not do a ton of DPS, but he was always invited to the raids. Why? Because he brought spirit to the game, that intangible quality which certain people bring when gathering humans together in one place to just have fun.

Keeria was old though, he had lived a long and wonderful life. I'm only aware of a bit about his real life, but I know that he had an adult son who loved him (and played in the guild), and a wife and family too. His life was full of good things, and while I'm sure he had his hardships, you wouldn't know by the way he approached everyone in game.

Keeria got sick.

He wasn't doing well, and slowly but surely the fate that will claim us all knocked on his door one day. It was a sad time for the guild, and all the old timers came together to honor his memory. Not as the mage in game who stood in fire all too often (okay, well, that too), but as the individual with a kind heart who was always willing to help his fellow human being.

We'd all be so lucky to have the remembrance at the end of our days as he did at his. The best thing I've done in WoW was sit on that hill in the green grass of Northrend and remember him along with a hundred other people. We were doing what he wanted for the guild -- being nice to, for, and with each other.

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