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This stunning iPhone amplifier is as fragile as it is gorgeous


We all know the old "toss your iPhone in a mug" trick to making your smartphone's speaker output a bit more beefy, but if you're willing to spend some serious coin, Aric Snee might have what you're looking for. The talented designer has crafted an all-glass iPhone amplifier that not only gives your music some added oomph, but looks great doing it.

iphone glass speaker

The freestanding, dual-sided work of art is handmade using traditional glass blowing techniques to create a seamless look. It's rather large, and certainly not something you'd want to put on a table where your cats might knock it off, but if you have a safe spot for it, it would definitely fit in with just about any decor.

You can order it directly from Snee's online shop, but as I mentioned above, it's not easy on the wallet: You'll have to shell out a cool US$325 for the privilege of putting this beauty on your counter.

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