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The Queue: Garrisons, PvP on PvE, loot, and the Dude


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky (@adamholisky) will be your host today.

I realized last night that it's been over a year since I last kill Ony. I'm thinking of forming a 25-man PUG on Twitter this weekend and going in and kill her.

Anyone with me?

Twowolves asked:

Since garrisons are now static and unmoving, can we delay building it until we're in a zone we like? I was looking forward to a nice Nagrand base. I really dig pretty blue skies.

The Garrison system seems to be in flux, and I think we all need to take a step back from it before we get concerned. Rossi and I were just talking about this over the campfire this morning, and the designers have changed direction a few times -- nothing major, but enough to warrant waiting until beta to see what's up.

For your question in particular though, we don't know.

JeffLaBowski asked:

Probably been asked/answered before but, just why are quest givers on PvE servers flagged for PvP? I can see guards and even Flightmasters to an extent. But quest givers? That seems to set it up for griefers.

I think there's a few reasons. First, as was pointed out in the comments, the quest givers will defend the town from attack. That makes them viable candidates to be killed -- after all a mob that can't be taken down will be exploited some way, some how. Just look at all those fun adventures in Vanilla WoW.

Secondly, there is something to be said for the PvP aspect of killing quest givers and town mobs. I know I might not be popular with this answer, and that's ok. I feel that killing quest givers forces the PvP aspect of the game on PvP servers. I don't like it on PvE servers, but when you want to live an environment where that's possible, then that's the choice you make.

No in the case of JeffLaBowski here, The Dude is asking about PvE servers... and I agree, that needs to go away.

Lasdoug asked:

I'm a new player to WoW, if anyone could answer my question that would be great. Exactly how does loot work in WoW? I was in darkmoon faire and saw a bunch of 90's killing moonfang. It died close to me so I looted it and got the pet. Does that mean no one else got it? I'd feel bad if everybody did all that work and i just took the loot. bear in mind i wasn't in a group with anyone else at the time.



Welcome to WoW!

Let me start off by just saying that it's great you're asking questions and being concerned about your fellow players. That puts you in a very good spot, and you're going to get a lot more enjoyment out of the game with that attitude.

The actual loot mechanic you're referencing is a relatively new mechanic they implemented where everyone in the area of some mobs get to loot them. That means that no one has to worry about "tapping" a mob (where you hit the mob first before others do, so it becomes your mob, and only you get the loot). This is a great mechanic for encouraging community team work and group play.

The only time you really tap a mob is when you're out leveling. The majority of those solo mobs you'll only get credit for killing, and the loot, when you're the first one to hit it. Raids, dungeons, scenarios, etc... those are all group loot too and everyone gets their own crack at the loot.

JPSWider also gave a great explanation in the comments yesterday:

it depends on the situation, loot can work differently depending on the mob in question, whether or not you are in a group and how loot rules are set in the group you are in.

In regards to Moonfang everyone that participates in killing it has their own seperate chance at loot, it's possible (though very unlikely) that every other person that killed moonfang also got the pet, it's also possible that none of them got it. Their loot is not affected by what you get. Some rares, particularly on the timeless isle work the same as this, but not all.

For most normal mobs there is a "tapping" system where the first person to damage the mob "taps" it meaning that other players not in their group cannot loot the mob regardless of how much damage they deal to it. If you are solo then you loot it and go on your merry way, if you are in a group there are different loot systems.

Group loot, the loot is randomly assigned to a player in the group, other group members will not be able to loot that corpse, items uncommon or higher in rarity will go up for roll need/greed

Free for all, as the name says all corpses are free first person to loot them gets whatever is on it.

Masterlooter, anything below the rarity threshold uses group loot, at the rarity threshold or higher the items are distributed by the designated masterlooter.

Kageokami asked:

So if The Dude were to play World of Warcraft, what class would he be?

I say mage and a taylor to boot.

Reason: Endless supply of white russians, no need to worry about a vehicle to get around unless he wanted to ride his flying carpet.

Cheers. ;)

The Dude responds himself in the comments:

Well, yeah, that's like your opinion, man.

There already is a Lebowski NPC in HP. He's an engineering trainer. We all know the Dude is too lazy to actually do that. Tailor fits though, because of the rug, er, it really tied the room together.

I'd say he would be a bard but we don't have those (yet). Maybe a monk?

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