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Happy Wars glad-handing Steam this year


Happy Wars, the free-to-play, multiplayer action game from developer Toylogic, will launch on PC via Steam later this year. Toylogic will take applications for the game's closed beta starting April 30 until May 13, which players can sign up for on the game's official site. Beta testers will put Happy Wars' matchmaking system, functionality and server capacity through its paces to prepare it for its as-yet-unknown date with Steam. The beta program will not include the ability to purchase paid content in the game.

Happy Wars launched in October 2012 on XBLA and surpassed six million downloads one year later. It originally required players to have a paid Xbox Live Gold subscription to play, a requirement that was removed for non-multiplayer modes in January. The colorful game features magical multiplayer battles with up to 30 participants, from which characers earn parts, weapons and accessories.
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Happy Wars For Windows Released on Steam in 2014. Closed Beta Testing Starts on Wednesday, April 30.

Toylogic Inc., a company based in Toshima-ku of Tokyo, has announced on Friday April 25, the release of Happy Wars for Windows on Steam and that it began recruiting for testers today for the closed beta testing of the title.

"Happy Wars" is a free-to-play, large-scale, multiplayer action game, where as many as 30 players can play together in a single match. In Happy Wars, players from all over the world are engulfed in a realm of heated sieges and big magical battles. Get involved with everyone and go crazy in a fantastic world of wacky melees!

Players can obtain items such as character parts, weapons, gear and other various accessories with the Happy Stars earned during battles, or with Happy Cards, which requires the purchasing of Happy Tickets, and create their own unique player character to use for charging through the battlefields.

Happy Wars for Xbox 360 was released on Xbox LIVE Arcade in October 2012, and 6 million copies of the title have been downloaded worldwide since then.

The closed beta testing is where a limited number of users are invited as testers to play through some of the features of Happy Wars to test its functionality, server capacity, and its matchmaking system to help improve the game so that it is ready for its official online service.

The closed beta testing is an opportunity for participants to experience almost all of the game's features that are to be made available from the start of the official service, including the online multiplayer matches with as many as 30 people per match, co-op and Single player modes, and the collecting and powering up of items. (However, purchasing of paid contents will be excluded from the closed beta testing.)

More about the Closed Beta Testing
Period: From Wednesday April 30, 2014 to Tuesday 13, 2014 How to apply: Access the special website for the closed beta testing ( Qualification requirements: Must be age 18 or older. (A Microsoft account with a Steam account and Xbox LIVE account linked is required to play the game.) Selection process: Participants are decided by lot drawing. (Winners are notified directly via email.)
Notes: Saved games and leaderboard data created during the closed beta testing stage will be reset once the closed beta testing ends.
Bonus: Happy Tickets will be provided to the participants at the start of the official service of the game as a gift.

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