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Eternal Crusade says founders program is not a crowdfunding campaign


Behaviour Interactive's Miguel Caron penned a Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade newsletter today for fans skeptical about the founders program announced last week. The purpose of the program, he explains, is to solicit feedback and provide value to the faithful, not to crowdfund the game, which he says is already fully financed but might see an earlier introduction of content thanks to the founders: "The founders programs might, with your help, move a few unannounced features that are currently planned for after launch... before launch."

Caron also discusses the studio's commitment to transparency, expresses disdain for any sort of "marketing firewall between devs and fans," and hints that a playable game isn't too far off with this cryptic sentence: "You will soon land on Arkhona."

We outlined the proposed founder program perks in a post earlier this month.

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