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PlayStation Blog posts dates for 'Road to Greatness' tour

Planning on attending an upcoming social event to make good use of the warming weather? What are you doing, the sun is out there If you nail a case of "right place, right time," you'll be able to bask in the shade of Sony's Road to Greatness touring semi. It's like a Transformer, except it exists to entertain you, rather than save you from mean robots. The PlayStation Blog has posted an initial batch of tour dates (which we've listed after the break) for the mobile gaming center, kicking things off this weekend at the Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, California until April 27.

Road to Greatness offers fans a chance to try out recent and upcoming games for the PS4 and Vita. Competitive attendants can also enter daily tournaments, and the PS Blog mentions a chance to win PlayStation-related prizes. You can check the playable game lineup planned for each venue from the promotion's site - just click the "View Detail" link beside each event.

An appearance at the MLB FanFest in Minneapolis, Minnesota from July 11 - 15 is the last stop currently listed on the schedule, but PS Blog's Michael Steranka reminds us that there's "still a lot of events to be announced." He added that we can expect specifics for extra dates in the coming weeks.

  • Stagecoach Music Festival, April 25 – 27, Indio, CA
  • Beale Street Music Festival, May 2 – 4, Memphis, TN
  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, May 9 – 10, Kansas City, KS
  • Rock on the Range, May 16 – 18, Columbus, OH
  • Rocklahoma, May 23 – 25, Tulsa, OK
  • Free Press Summer Festival, May 31 – June 1, Houston, TX
  • Country Jam, June 19 – 22, Grand Junction, CO
  • Summerfest, Jun 25 – July 6, Milwaukee, WI
  • MLB FanFest, July 11 – 15, Minneapolis, MN

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