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Microtransactions march toward PvZ: Garden Warfare

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare's in-game currency is earned through regular play and can be spent on upgrade packs, which unlock extra content for players populating the game's warzones. However, those that have tired from the grind will soon have the option many mobile games offer: spend real-world money to save some time on earning coins. EA's recent post revealed plans to implement the microtransaction format into Garden Warfare "starting next week."

The post only mentions being able to purchase coins however, so it seems you still won't be able to directly spend on specific pieces of content. There's no mention of rewards for microtransaction enthusiasts though, so players that ignore the option won't miss out on any game-changing unlocks.

The option to buy pretend money with real money follows February's confirmation from PopCap's Brian Lindley that microtransactions wouldn't be in Garden Warfare at launch. At the time, Lindley added that PopCap would be using in-game metrics to decide where to take Garden Warfare after its initial weeks on the battlefield.
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