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Stiq Figures, April 14 - 20: This game is great and no one knows it edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

Some games achieve a certain clout near their release, a status that results in everyone just knowing about them. It was rare to have to introduce people to Mario Kart 64, Crash Bandicoot or Halo - word of mouth or advertising campaigns seemed to establish them as communal knowledge.

Popular games aren't the only good games, of course. Sometimes you end up as the lone fan of a game within your social circle, and it's up to you to convince anyone else it's worthy of being added to the group's game rotation. That was mostly my experience with Future Cop: LAPD, a third-person, cooperative action shooter that had players clearing out the dens of bizarre, crazed criminals in Los Angeles. Oh yeah, and you use a walking mech that can transform into a hover car to do it!

Controls can be a little stiff at times and clearing the campaign without some help certainly isn't easy, but there's plenty to love about Future Cop's arsenal and its style of exploration. There's a great competitive multiplayer mode called Precinct Assault too, where players capture bases and build armies to help them destroy their opponent's home base.

I did manage to make Future Cop fans out of a few friends, and we spent many afternoons waging war over precincts and dying off somewhere in the middle of the game's campaign. What about you? Are there any games you single-handedly convinced your friends to love? Share your favorite underdogs with us once you check this week's Japanese sales data after the break - after all, maybe we're the next one to be won over by your hidden favorite!
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PS4: 14,396 [UP] 1,362
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Wii U: 5,204 [DOWN] 308
PSP: 2,094 [UP] 67
Vita TV: 1,133 [DOWN] 87
Xbox 360: 240 [UP] 11

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