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    Find local events and review with ItsPoppingHere! for iOS

    Mel Martin

    Here is a clever and unique approach to event finding with your iPhone. ItsPoppingHere! (free) is a crowdsourced guide to what is going on around you. What's interesting is that all the events and reviews expire after 8 hours, so you know that all the local events you are finding are current. You can create a free account or use your Facebook login if you wish to suggest events or write reviews, and if you are "just looking" you don't even need an account.

    Registered users can suggest events to share with others, and must be within 300 feet of the event to ensure that no fake reviews are being posted from those who are not attending.

    You can find places to eat, events, clubs, parties and more. Every event you find is shareable on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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    I tried ItsPoppingHere!, but in my small town there wasn't much going on. I could have added the local farmer's market, but decided it wasn't too big a deal. For people in larger cities, this app will generate some good ideas for things to do, and unlike a static guidebook you'll know the events or restaurants are really there, rather than cancelled or closed.

    Of course there is no shortage of guidebooks and social apps for finding places, but I like the idea of time relevance that ItsPoppingHere! promotes. Reviews are unmoderated, and you can include pictures. Everything you upload from the app disappears in 8 hours to insure that you are seeing only what is really currently happening or has recently happened.

    ItsPoppingHere! requires iOS 5 or above. It's not universal, but runs fine on iPads in 2x mode. The app is optimized for the iPhone 5.

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