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Reddit is looking for someone to build their iOS app


It isn't hyperbole to say that reddit has had a dramatic impact on the Internet since its birth in 2005. From political discussion to comedy to providing an occasionally creepy home for the net's dark side, reddit's reach includes almost every demographic of web surfer. There's just one hitch; the (currently) 59th biggest website in the world, the one that thrives on easy discussion and interaction, doesn't have a mobile app.

Users who are away from their computers are stuck navigating the web of text on the site via their tiny mobile device screens. Thankfully the era of an app-less reddit seems to be coming to an end. The company is hiring someone to bringing reddit to the iOS store.

In a post today the reddit told users exactly what they're looking for.

reddit is going mobile and hiring mobile app developers.

The world is going mobile, and so is reddit. We're hiring developers to help us build and maintain apps to highlight great content from reddit for a broader, global audience. Our focus is on making it easier for people to find great content on reddit through mobile apps, clean design and machine learning.

Our team will also works closely with our amazing third-party developers to help them build successful apps to allow more people use reddit the way they want to use it.

We have a collaborative team with a mix of design, full-stack, data and PM skills. Your role will be to build an app that combines great design, the best content from the front page of the internet, and algorithm-based recommendations. We're about bringing choice to users and bringing great content as well. We'd love your help trying new approaches, testing boundaries and creating beautiful products to share the world's best content and communities.

Skills & Requirements

  • Love mobile apps. We're excited about the potential of mobile and how it will change how we share our content with the world.
  • Be fearless. No idea is too crazy and no problem is too hard. We're big on experimentation, trying and trying again. And we love the idea of trying something new.
  • Be curious. Help us figure out what is working, what isn't working, and why. Be data-oriented and love the user.Have a sound appreciation for simplicity. The options are endless; our focus is on hiding the complexity from users and making our apps simple. The magic of the apps should be how simple it is for people to find great content and communities on reddit.
  • Get things done. Our team is small, but our vision is large. We use Hall and IRC to share ideas and coordinate. We make decisions and move fast. Experience shipping apps on a quick release cycle is a plus.
  • Front end experience. Strong Java skills (for Android) or Objective C (for iOS or Mac apps) are needed. A design background (Android/iOS/HTML design/styling/layout work) is helpful. Love users. We want to help users find great content and communities that are interesting to them. We protect and respect user privacy.
  • Be able to work in San Francisco, CA. Our office is in San Francisco, we love it here, and you should, too.
If you're interested in applying for the gig you can submit an application here.

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