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TUAW TV Live: MacBook Air speed bumps and more


No big news to talk about this week, but at least Apple saw fit to introduce new MacBook Air models with slightly faster CPUs and better battery life. So until we have our Apple-branded Mr. Fusion-powered flying cars, iWatches, or 3D holographic displays on our iPhones, we'll have to talk about the more mundane changes in the Apple ecosystem.

My co-host Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd and I will be taking to the airwaves and chat room at our regular time. Be sure to take part in the chat, and also see if you can answer our weekly trivia question and win a prize!

And guess what? Today you don't have to go to a new page to watch the live stream or take part in the chat room. Our recent redesign made the width of the column just a wee bit wider, so we can fit all of our tools into the regular post. So to watch the show and take part in the chat, just scroll down a bit, log into the chat room, and be sure to press "play" to see what's happening.

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