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Drink in Bloodrayne Betrayal on PC, out now on Steam


Et tu, Bloodrayne Betrayal? WayForward's campy revival is available now on Steam, any you can pick up the vampiric 2D hack-and-slash for $10 in North America, or £7/10 euros in lands closer to Transylvania.

The PC port was handled by Abstraction Games, who you might recognize from the PC port of Double Dragon Neon and the PS3 and Vita ports of Hotline Miami. Our review rained praise on the PS3 and Xbox 360 release of Bloodrayne Betrayal, with Joystiq undead JC Fletcher giving the game four and a half stars, mostly because it's a rollicking good time:

"You can kick a vampire into a toxic sludge jump onto his floating body, and then use a flamethrower-like weapon as a jet to propel yourself around. Fun. Occasionally (I'd say in exactly two places) the enjoyment is overwhelmed by difficulty, but those spots can't take away the goodwill I have for the game as a whole. And I begrudgingly respect the design of those spots, after having died around 50 times trying to get through them."
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