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Game values your PS3 and five games at £100 in console upgrade promotion


A long bank holiday weekend is the perfect excuse to spend a little bit more time than you would normally in front of your TV, controller in hand. If the impending opportunity to do just that has you mulling an investment in one of Microsoft or Sony's newest consoles, then retailer Game is happy to nudge you in that direction with a trade-in promotion that takes at least £100 of the console asking prices. From today (May 2nd) until next Thursday (May 8th), bringing a 250GB or 320GB PS3 slim and five games into a Game store will allow you to leave with a PS4 for £250 (£100 off the regular price). Similarly, you can swap a 250GB Xbox 360 slim, five games and £270 for an Xbox One plus Titanfall (a £110 saving).

As attractive as those discounted prices are, however, we'd have trouble letting go of a console and five games for a fraction of their purchase price. It's a convenient way of stepping up a generation, sure, but it's Game who's getting the better end of the deal. We're not saying you'll get massively improved offers for the same gear elsewhere, but is nostalgia worth nothing to you monsters?

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