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Breakfast Topic: Are you playing the Classic Games?

Anne Stickney

I was pretty happy when Blizzard released Blackthorne as a free download last year. It was a fun game, absolutely dated but fun. However, yesterday's revelation that Lost Vikings has now been added to the list of free downloads has me ecstatic and wondering whether I should be playing the new Blizzard titles, or indulging in the classics. Lost Vikings was the first Blizzard game I ever played, except the company wasn't called Blizzard back then, it was still Silicon & Synapse. Yes, I'm dating myself, but I really don't care.

The game was really fun. It was full of cool puzzles, the characters were funny, but honestly that's not why I'm so happy to see it pop up on the list. It was one of a few games my mother used to play a lot -- we had to fight her to play it -- and to this day, hearing the music brings back memories of my mother swearing at Erik because he was a little too swift for her liking. I kind of wish she were around to enjoy it again. Sure, the game may be incredibly dated at this point, but I'm going to download it and play it anyway.

Of course Rock N' Roll Racing is available as well, along with Blackthorne, but neither of them hold quite the same memories for me as Lost Vikings. I'm curious though -- how many of you guys are going to check out the classics? Were you around for their original release? Are there any classic games that hold special memories for you?

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