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Mother Russia Bleeds is an ultra-violent Soviet smackdown

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Dear Video Games,

It seems like just yesterday you were our sweet little hobby, all smiles and bright eyes. So cute and innocent, collecting coins and bananas. Now, though ... now we see there's a beat-em-up game coming out for PC, Mac and Linux in 2015 called Mother Russia Bleeds, and hoo boy is it violent. Even Devolver Digital, publisher of the hyper-violent Hotline Miami, seems to be impressed. They're calling it "legit" on Twitter.

Is it the pixelated graphics that draw you to Mother Russia Bleeds? The way it allows for up to four players to control a drug-addicted anti-hero and his cellmates in what developer Le Cartel calls "a hazy journey of rage and hate-filled, psychotic vengeance?" We're not judging or anything - after all, expressing anger can be healthy! We just worry sometimes. Is everything okay? You know you can always talk to us.

Your friend
[Image: Le Cartel]

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