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50 Cent's Star Wars-themed headphones launch on the light side of the 4th


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That great disturbance you just felt? It's likely the bass from SMS Audio's Star Wars-themed headphones. We heard they were coming back in Vegas. In fact, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson joined us in person to tell us as much. Today, excuse us if we don't play along by saying the date, they'll be with you. Or rather, in stores, so you can buy 'em. You won't need 10,000 credits, but you will need to pay the 200 US dollars asking price upfront. No need to sell your landspeeder, either. However, you will need to pick your allegiances carefully, as there are Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Empire and Rebel Alliance editions to choose from. The headphones themselves are emblazoned with logos on the earcups that match your chosen Star Wars representative/s, and on the Boba Fett one's at least, have a smart-looking matte finish, and soft leather-coated memory foam on the ears (complete with that "new trainer" smell). Inside the box are some Star Wars related goodies, and the box is drenched in intergalactic artwork. We're still disappointed there's no Leia design, but for the next edition, there's new hope.

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