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Fight for fruit in rhythm/RTS hybrid Jungle Rumble, out now

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Real-time strategy games can be like a dance: you memorize the proper steps, pay attention to your pace, and watch your partner/opponent so you can react accordingly - calling in an airstrike, perhaps. So really, the fact that Jungle Rumble combines the RTS genre with rhythm-based gameplay shouldn't be too surprising.

The game, available now for $4 and compatible with iOS devices, pits you against an enemy tribe of monkeys that's come to steal what's most precious to you: bananas. Players tap the screen to the soundtrack's beat to move and attack, eventually overwhelming the rival simians and claiming all of the delicious fruit.

If you need some advice on how to be the best monkey strategist you can be, maybe you could take some lessons from fellow primate King Louie? He's got the rhythm part down and he is a king.
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Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness, and Bananas, released today on the App Store, is a funk-filled rhythm RTS hybrid set in a colorful cartoon jungle.

Players drum on the screen of their iOS device to send a tribe of monkeys into battle and help defend the group's bananas from a rival clan.

When primates need instructions - where to move or who to attack - players can't just follow the script; they have to employ strategy!

Game Features

Dynamic soundtrack - music swells in intensity in response to the player
Massive jungle - drum through tons of levels set on three separate themed regions: sunny Juba Falls, dark Kagunga Forest and the devastated Nadges Corp. Factory
Crazy cartoon art-style
Epic quest - a main storyline that takes hours to finish and multiple bonus levels to keep completionists busy

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