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Around Azeroth: Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!


"I was wandering through the Cathedral District when suddenly a very, very large crowd of bunnies engulfed my little gnome," writes submitter Tinakink of The One Fellowship on Moon Guard (US-A). "Being a curious type, I started following them. Soon I was a bunny as well, and learned that this was the coming of the Bunnygeddon, a mass invasion of the furred kind. Our army of about twenty-five bunnies swarmed across Stormwind, first capturing the Trade District to absorb more bunnies to our cause, then charging to Goldshire, taking over the Inn, and rechristening the beleaguered town Carrotshire. With that done, we marched back to Stormwind, captured the 'Furthedral', and after a passionate speech from our leader Queen Moon, we charged off en-masse to Stormwind Castle to put the king of men to the carrot. After much biting of Varian's ankles, our swelled ranks descended upon our final stop, the Blue 'Furcluse', and proceeded to take it over, drawing quite the crowd as we hopped all over and began selling Juicycrunch Carrots and carrot-related foods for a while.

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