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Google Play Music comes to Canada at last (update: iOS app)


Canadians are used to getting short shrift on internet media services compared to their American neighbors -- just ask them how little Netflix content they get. They're receiving better treatment today, though, as Google Play Music has finally arrived in the true North strong and free. You can now can set up web-based access, store music in an online locker, shop for tunes and sign up for an All Access subscription at $10 CAD per month ($8 if you register by June 30th). It's not a perfect launch; you need to clear the Android app's cache to see the new services, and you won't find the iOS app just yet. It's early goings, then, but it's clear that Canucks now have a major alternative to the handful of big-name music services that operate in their country, including iTunes and Rdio.

Update: Sure enough, Google Play Music for iOS has reached the Canadian App Store.

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