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Google will not cover Samsung's damages amount


During Apple and Samsung's recent trial, it was revealed that Google agreed to help foot the bill for Samsung's legal costs and indemnify the company for any damages connected to two specific Apple patents at issue in the case -- patent '959 which pertains to Unified Search and patent '414 which pertains to asynchronous data synchronization.

But as it turns out, the jury found that none of Samsung's accused products infringed upon the aforementioned patents. As a result, Samsung alone will be on the hook for the entirety of the damages amount.

As for the patents Apple successfully wielded against Samsung, the jury found that all of the accused Samsung products infringed upon Apple's '647 patent. The '647 patent covers "Data Tapping" and encapsulates functionality wherein certain types of data such as URLs and phone numbers become actionable links. The jury further found that some of Samsung's accused products infringed upon Apple's '721 patent which covers "slide to unlock" functionality.

Lastly, Judge Lucy Koh ruled before the trial even started that Samsung's products infringed upon Apple's '172 patent which details a method for providing word recommendations while a user is typing.

As we reported last week, the jury in the Apple/Samsung case awarded Apple $119.6 million in damages. That amount, however, will be adjusted upwards after Apple attorneys discovered that damages from an infringing Samsung product hadn't been added to the final amount.

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