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John McAfee's latest project is yet another secure messaging app

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Now that John McAfee's days of running from the law appear to be over, he's been left with plenty of time to slam the company he founded and mull over products that originally made him famous. We've already heard about DeCentral, a pocket-sized device that's designed to block government agencies by creating secure private networks (that we've yet to lay eyes on), but the anti-virus pioneer has also been working on some new software tools too. One of those is Chadder, a secure messaging app that joins a long list of existing encryption-toting messaging services (think Wickr or Telegram) that promise to stop your communications from being spied upon by the NSA and other nefarious types.

What makes it different from its rivals? At the moment, nothing. Its design is basic; users aren't afforded many customization options; and the app's friend-finding tools make it extremely difficult to do exactly that. It does have an engaging tagline though: "Say what you want! (We can't see it anyway!)" McAfee and co. hope the personal touch will kickstart downloads of the beta app, which is available on both Google Play and the Windows Phone Store. Expect to see it go live on the App Store "in the coming weeks."

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