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Rumor Roundup: Year of the Mockup


iPhone 6 Physical Mockup Allegedly Based on Real Machine Schematics Surfaces (MacRumors)

2014 is apparently The Year of the Mockup, as rumor blogs have been inundating us with stories like this one for weeks. "Someone made a mockup/render/watercolor painting based on leaked schematics which may or may not be remotely close to accurate" is a meme that needs to die sooner rather than later.

OS X 10.10 emphasis planned for WWDC, iOS 8 features pushed to iOS 8.1, new Apple TV still in the works (9to5 Mac)

In stark contrast to the Chinese whispers variety of rumors they happily pass on like the rest of the rumor blogs, 9to5 Mac's originally-sourced rumors are almost always solid. This story is probably no different. It certainly helps that pretty much everything enumerated in this article was already rumored to be happening.

Wild Rumor of Apple EarPods with Biometric Sensors Has Roots in Apple's Research (MacRumors)

I gotta say, it makes a whole lot more sense to put biometric sensors into earphones, something almost all iPhone users are already using, rather than shoving them into a product that not one iPhone user currently owns and would have to purchase separately.

IPHONE 6 LEAK: New leak may show us exactly what the silver iPhone 6 will look like (BGR)

BGR's slow death spiral into irrelevancy continues with this clickbaity nonsense. No, this is not an "IPHONE 6 LEAK." This is a mockup which you yourselves admit came from someone who "did not reveal any details about where he picked up the device or who made it." It doesn't get much more not-news than this...

BREAKING IPHONE 6 LEAK: iPhone 6 mockup shown side-by-side with the Galaxy S5 (BGR)

...oh, wait. I was wrong.

Code/red: No New Apple TV at WWDC (re/code)

John Paczkowski's sources are almost always right, so if he claims there won't be an iWatch or new Apple TV at WWDC, anyone who bleats about being "disappointed" after this year's WWDC simply hasn't been paying any attention to the scene at all.

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