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SMITE launches Siege patch tomorrow

Eliot Lefebvre

It's time for a big SMITE patch tomorrow, and when we say it's big, we mean it. It's adding a whole new deity, which is substantial, but it's also adding in a brand-new map. The Siege patch includes the eponymous Siege map, a two-lane 5v5 affair in which both teams spawn powerful siege units in the quest to take out the enemy base. There's also the addition of Osiris, a melee warrior using his sickle and thresher to deal area damage and phase into a specialized spirit form.

That's not all the patch includes, either; there are also new skins for existing gods and the new league system, which divides players into six tiers of five divisions each. Victories earn points toward the next division, but these points are reset on a regular basis, ensuring that players need to keep playing and perform well against similarly skilled players to advance. Take a look at the full patch overview, watch Osiris' reveal video past the break, and get ready for the patch going live tomorrow.

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