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AlienTube lets you replace YouTube comments with Reddit threads


YouTube is a wonderful part of living in modern times. Right now with a few simple keystrokes you can find video of almost anything from a tiny hamster eating tiny burritos to news reports directly from war zones. There are two tradeoffs for using YouTube. The first, advertising, is just part of paying for all this free content, but the second is a bane to most reasonable human beings. I speak, of course, of the comment section.

YouTube's comment section is notorious for its cruelty, racism, profanity, and general trolling. It's often an unpleasant place to be, but now you can banish it from your life. AlienTube is a new extension for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera that replaces your normal YouTube comments with Reddit comments.

Instead of YouTube's comments, AlienTube shows you the sub-Reddits a video has been on, with tabs for each different sub-Reddit. Users can comment and vote directly from the YouTube site. This makes it easy to find the sort of discussion you're looking for, while avoiding the riffraff that YouTube's comment section has become notorious for. You can download the extension right here for free.

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