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Crimsonland remake sprays hot lead on Steam, PS4 this summer


Developer 10tons Ltd. has revealed plans to bring its Crimsonland remake to the PlayStation 4 and PC at an as yet undetermined date this Summer.

Originally released in 2003, Crimsonland is a simple yet chaotic top-down shooter. The player is dropped in the middle of the screen, while enemies swarm in from the sides. The goal here is obviously survival, but to accomplish that feat, the player will need to gun down hordes of encroaching ne'erdowells with weaponry that makes no logical sense, but fits perfectly in the arcade-inspired world of Crimsonland. As you can see in the above trailer, the game's title is a reference to the deluge of blood that blankets the ground only moments after the player starts firing.

10tons claims to have both PS4 and PC versions of Crimsonland up and running, but says that much work still remains. For current status and word on when Crimsonland might be available for pre-order, 10tons asks fans to follow its Twitter account or check the game's website for weekly updates.
[Image: 10tons Ltd.]

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