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PSN Store Update: MLB 14, God of War Collection, Sportsfriends


Good morning, sports friends, and welcome to this week's PSN rundown. Starting on PS4, there's baseball with MLB 14: The Show (eventually) at $60, followed by stickball in PS Plus game Stick it to the Man ($10 regular).

Then, get ready for flameball in Bound by Flame ($50, and it hits retail later this week), spaceballs in Titan Attacks ($12 Cross-Buy with PS3 and Vita), and finally some good old-fashioned sportsball in Sportsfriends. The local multiplayer sportsfest is $15 Cross-Buy with PS3, but if you want the Cross-Buy feature you have to buy it on PS3.

Moving onto PS3, in addition to Sportsfriends, Bound by Flame ($40) and Titan Attacks, there's Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi for $34 and the All-in DLC pack for F1 Race Stars ($8). Also, Plus members get Pro Evo 2014 as an Instant Game Collection freebie. Oh, and not forgetting Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, and that's confirmed as a PS2 Classic.

The sportiness continues on Vita with Football Manager Classic 2014 ($40), and Mahjong Royal Towers & Mahjong World Contest Bundle ($8) - Majohong is a sport, right? Handheld owners can also grab Titan Attacks, God of War Collection ($30) and Broken Sword 5 ($17).

In summary: Sports! And some other stuff.
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