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While there has been a lot written about the potential for Apple's iBeacon technology for a number of varied purposes, most smartphone owners have never encountered an iBeacon in the wild. If you'd like to know if there actually is an iBeacon somewhere in your vicinity, or help locate the elusive -- at least right now -- beacons, you're in luck. Radius Networks recently flipped the switch for, a website that uses the company's free Locate for iBeacon app to populate a map with information about those beacons.

The site has been up for a week, and according to Radius Networks Chief Product Officer David Helms, "so far we have had over 20,000 iBeacon sightings submitted from around the world." As you'd expect, a lot of iBeacons are clustered in major cities. But there are some surprise statistics as well -- Donaueschingen, Germany appears to have the world title for iBeacons with almost 5,000 reported, while Cupertino, California is well down the list in spot #217. Not surprisingly, Germany is also at the top of the "countries with the most beacons" list, with the US in the #2 spot and China in #3.

You can help populate the site with more iBeacon data by installing the Locate for iBeacon app on your iPhone -- it's also available for Android.

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