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Breakfast Topic: Sometimes I just want to go kill stuff

Matthew Rossi

This is the thing. I like scenarios because that's all you do. You just go kill stuff. You don't have to worry about who the tank is, or the healer. You just go. I sometimes wish we had four or five person scenarios, because frankly, one of the things scenarios don't do for me is provide the same feeling as group quests did back in the day. They're a little small. But I like that you can just go. Just start running to and fro, bashing in heads. If you want to go in a tank or healing spec, sure, you can, but you don't have to.

This isn't to say I don't like five player dungeons, or raids. I like both. But, I think the scenario has potential that hasn't even been tapped yet, beyond the introduction of one player scenarios during patch 5.2. They were useful as heck during the Isle of Thunder, it's true. I just really want to see stuff blow up, no worrying about who's doing what. Just everyone go nuts.

So I ask you - are you on board, or are you heartily sick (as many are) of the scenario?

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