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R-Type Dimensions drags PS3 into an alien firefight on May 20


Five years after it debuted on the Xbox 360, developer Tozai Games has announced plans to release a PlayStation 3 version of R-Type Dimensions on May 20.

Like its Xbox 360 predecessor, the PlayStation 3's R-Type Dimensions is an upgraded compilation featuring both R-Type and R-Type 2, two classic games which stand as pillars of the side-scrolling shoot-em-up genre. While arcade purists can opt to play either game in their original, pixel-pocked forms, R-Type Dimensions also offers new, high-definition, polygonal graphics and remastered sound. Additionally, Tozai has added an Infinite Mode, which grants players an unending supply of ships, as well as a Level Select for those who want to practice their shoot-em-up skills on a specific stage.

Most crucially, R-Type Dimensions includes modern network code, allowing players to blast aliens alongside a friend from anywhere in the world. Local co-op is also included, just in case that players happen to be sharing a couch.
[Image: Tozai Games]

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