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Twitter improves password-reset options, cracks down on suspicious logins

Sarah Silbert

Almost a year after rolling out two-factor authentication for verifying your logins, Twitter is announcing another welcome security update. This time, it's an improved password-reset process and a smarter system for identifying suspicious logins. The new password-reset process is especially useful; now, when you forget your login and need to create a new one, you can specify which phone number or email address where Twitter should send your reset information. If you don't have access to the number or email on file, the social network will give you the option to enter new ones. This feature is especially helpful for those traveling abroad, who may not have access to their usual gadgets. It will definitely come in handy for anyone who hasn't updated their email on Twitter, too.

Hopefully, you won't need to take much advantage of the second half of the site's security update. Twitter will now analyze information such as location, device and login history to help identify suspicious logins. So even when someone knows your password, if they're signing in from an unfamiliar computer, their attempt would likely be flagged. If Twitter deems a login suspicious, the social network will ask a question about your account (something only you would know, in theory) and send you an email notifying you of "unusual activity."

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