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Konami net income half of last year's despite 'solid' game sales

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Konami has released its financial report for fiscal year 2014, which ended March 31. The company's overall net income for 2014 was 6.2 billion yen ($60.9 million), down from 13.2 billion yen in 2013. Net revenue also dipped, though not as much: 217.6 billion yen ($2.1 billion) in 2014, down from 226 billion yen in 2013.

The company's Gaming And Systems business segment was the only division to improve its operating income, but before you get your hopes up, know that this section of Konami actually handles casino games. Video games fall under the Digital Entertainment segment, which fell from an operating income of 11.7 billion yen ($114.9 million) in 2014, down from 21.2 billion yen in 2013. These numbers are despite what the company called "solid" sales of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

We'd make a joke about Konami's choice of words matching nicely with the name of Ground Zeroes' protagonist, but as we all know, the game doesn't star Solid Snake, it stars his father, Big Boss, AKA Naked Snake, AKA Punished Snake, who isn't really his father but is instead the person from whom Solid Snake was cloned, who died but wasn't dead, and was rebuilt using pieces from his other cloned "sons" and ... whatever. Nanomachines.

For more numbers, check out Konami's full report.
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